sirène (siren) / 2014 / lycra fabrics, iron, vidéo projection / installation in situ / 177 X 98 X 62 inches / video
vert galant 1,2,3 & 4 (gallant green 1,2,3 & 4) / 2014 / inkjet prints, chipboard, plexiglas, leds / 24 X 24 X 6 inches (each)
anima / 2014 / mixed media, various plastics, motor / 75 X 47 X 24 inches / video
the Peak Oil painting / 2013 / acrylic painting, wood, fiberglass, sound system, spotlights / 169 X 120 X 75 inches/ video
gravières (gravel quarrie) / 2014 / tar paints on polyester fabrics / 98 X 110 inches (each)
arpenteur (surveyor) / 2014 / stretch film, tar, prism pole, acrylic painting, motor / 81 X 32 X 28 inches / video
petite hitoire / 2014 / text, frame / 8,7 X 11,8 inches The spectacle that a landscape offers - especially mountainous - is enjoyed by virtue
of the quality of its point of view, the suitable summit for contemplating harmonious hills.
Well, we are going to have to revisit all of that.

There are privileged observatories, generally high up and in clearings,
the peak being the quintessential one since it offers a total panorama:
360° of horizon offered to the eye. Likewise,
the quality expected of a landscape also resides in the balance between
the spectacle of tectonic uplift and the work of erosion.
The erectile movement carrying with it its own finiteness offers us
a spectacle of nature's perfect coherence...

Nevertheless, we will have to admit that the time of innocence and purity is over.
Iconography however still offers us the same splendid panoramas as before. "Monts près de Fukushima"
(Peaks near Fukushima), "le pic Eiffel émergeant de la brume parisienne un beau matin de mars 2014"
(the top of the Eiffel tower emerging from the Parisian fog on some morning in March 2014) ...
our eyes still sting with emotion from them. In geophysics, the term 'mountain' is understood as
an energetic protrusion, in the gravitational sense; the difference in level resulting from
the conjugated action of altitude and energy. They are thus on the x- and y-axes an unlevel curve forming a mountain.
For economists, finally, the peak designates the moment when world production of a non-renewable resource is at its greatest,
from which point it goes down in an irreversible manner until it is exhausted.
Those graphs in the shape of bells are also well-known curves in the mathematics of probability (normal distribution).
Peak oil, peak gas, peak water... peak everything!
We are there.
Now, contradiction and doubt are acting on our somewhat passive consciousness,
enslaved to the will of our needs and desires. The peak reveals this critical moment of realization that ongoing movement softens.
Expiration announced in the inspiration. It is this summit, the privileged place of points of view,
of calculations, assessments, omens, signs and alerts... then, mists of consciousness can elicit visions, predictions,
teachings, primitive fears, expiatory catharsis...

Jérôme Clermont, Paris, August 2014.

The exhibit takes place in four successive spaces.
7 works are presented there.
Each develops its own version of this reorientation.