reversible risk (trader gesture) / 2013 / wood, acrylic painting / 130 X 81 inches aménagement / 2013 / cardboard moving boxes / 12 X 16 x 12 inches (each) winder street, detroit / 2013 / photo 72 dpi / inkjet printing, mixed media / 59 X 16 X 24 inches

a big silhouette, painted and sawed, of an extremely realistic quality, is coming off the wall, it represents a person of slightly Eurasian appearance, in a bright red smock, with a raised fist
looking more closely,
we can see "reversible risk, trader gesture, inscribed on the plate
an arrangement of cardboard moving boxes cover the surface of the floor, directing the progression of the viewing
looking more closely,
we can see an alignment of little houses arranged like a suburban housing project
across the way from the trader, a placard presenting an image hard to tell apart from "house by the Railroad" by Edward Hopper
looking more closely,
we can see a screen shot reproduction, a "streetview" on which "317 Winder Street, Detroit, Michigan, United States, approximate address" is inscribed
the house is hidden, covered up, for sale
reversible risk