petite histoire (little story) / 2014 / text, frame / 9 x 12 inches

Having finally reached the summit, the man got out of the vehicle.
He planted himself before the vast landscape and breathed in deeply.
The afternoon heat was at its peak and the sun was bringing out the smell of the asphalt.
The ascent was steep and promising under a clear sky.
The horizon stretched out little by little during the climb. However, the final bends were nevertheless relatively grueling.
Mixed emotions between the promise of a beautiful panorama and the fear of running out of gas, since during the last part the gauge had been acting up.
At first, discretely.
During a turn it was a brief quiver of a light that he had taken for a flash of sunlight.
He barely seemed to have noticed or dreamed it, so much was he sure of having enough,
but the warning light had become more and more insistent as he approached the summit.
Well into the afternoon, he had to start thinking about the descent.
To quickly find a roof before the evening.
Beyond the initial turns, the peaks /provided an indication/ the /direction-shape/ of the route.
But by all appearances, no gas stations for a while.
In the back of the car, strapped-in securely in his car seat, the child plays with his war figurine.
Rat-a-tat ... goes the lance on the rear window of the car.
Back at the wheel, he tells himself: the descent, I'm going to have to freewheel it.