socle (pedestal)/ 2012 / cardboard and gouache painting / 87 X 73 X 41 inches ~
table / 1994-2012 / mixed media / 47 X 67 X 29 inches
paysage / 2012 / acrylic painting on canvas / various sizes
petites têtes (small heads) / 2012 / resin / 1 1/2 X 1 X 1 inches (each)
paysages (landscape) / 1994-2012 / photo prints on paper barium / 28 X 26 inches (each)
boite noire (black box) / 2012 / 35 X 32 X 67 cm ~ / wood, trestles / vidéo 103 mn / video (short cuts)
take the little cardboard sketches painted in the motif,
examine from all sides,
define the viewing distance,
take cardboard,
subtract from it the base fleeting towards this painted frame that we'll place on top,
fuse these bases into a block in order to make the gaze revolve around and at a distance from the paintings
on a table, examine the little black-and-white photographic test-prints from all sides
make the parallelepiped luminous
take a magnifying glass
ditto, turn around the images and enter them
soak hands in the liquid and pigmented paint and apply it to a canvas
fashion a protrusion using hands, its shadows, its bright spots,
raise the values by following the hollows and the filled-in spots of the image being formed
hang on the wall
take plaster, make a little ball with it,
wait for it to dry
scratch this little ball with the point of a knife,
form a little head, make a mold and reproduce it
fasten them in front of the wall in between each painting
try to look at them,
run into the wall and watch the landscapes simultaneously dwindle
make a selection of apartment buildings in the little photos
make enlargements of them and put under glass
position them squarely in front of the mountains and the little sentinels
look and also see the landscapes in the line of vision of its own silhouette
film as closely as possible the act of painting and mixing pigments
make a black box, project the recording inside,
place the box in the center of the workshop,
pierce a small hole, take a peek,
watch this past act reproduce itself