12 videos / 2013 / 1 à 2 mn
guéridon (pedestal table) / wood / dummy dôme factice / motor / 47 X 26 X 26 inches
video / annexes "The Christian Berst Gallery is for the second time participating in Parizone@Dream, the festival of digital creativity, organized by La Gaité Lyrique for June 1st and 2nd,
by presenting a work by Jérôme Clermont: BigMoserView, which echoes the photographic panoramas of Albert Moser, an autistic American artist to whom the gallery dedicated a solo exhibition in 2012.
In the confined space of the cabinet of curiosities that is the Christian Berst Gallery, on a pedestal table in the middle of the room, an arrangement awaits the visitor against the wall,
a selection of 12 photographs by Albert Moser dating back to the 80's and 90's.
With a tablet or a mobile phone, visitors will be able to flash the QR code associated with each of these panoramas. A video is proposed,
the contemporary and digital version of the very place - virtual - of Moser's initial shot. What is being shown here is at the edge of the real and the virtual,
of proper functioning and the "bug," of the distortion particular to this technique for taking shots that are photographic and virtual panoramas.
A reflection of our world whose alteration calls into question our relationship to normality doesn't unlock new landscapes any less.
An arrangement of which we no longer know if it is provoked by the reference work or the dizzying technological interconnections of the world surrounding us.
The digital revolution that we are living through invests our daily lives, presenting itself as more reality, all the while bringing us into a more and more virtual world.
In fact, as this virtual proposition enters in competition with the lived experience, we must constantly reevaluate this relationship to reality.
BigMoserView points out the recurrence of the distortions in these new landscapes thus raised to the level of the norm.
Is it Moser who observes us or Big Brother who keeps a close watch on us?
"Look at how I turn in circles," Albert Moser seems to tell us, "and you, then?"
Beyond the notion of virtuality, Jérôme Clermont questions our relationship to the real and to normality."
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